You won't disappear! You'll be whole!

ceno. 23. he/him. mexicano. nb. pisces. taken and happy.

De mi

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recently replayed journey and found a really inspiring bit of scenery

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I took many many pictures before realizing there was a smudge on my lens but this shot is still kinda pretty.

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cheese shop au, where we sell cheese specifically so people can eat it plain right outside herobrine's house

waterfall users seeing another picrew persona maker:

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I diagnose myself with sleepy disease and I prescribe myself a snooze

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me, awake for an hour: I need a nap

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hey quick question what the hecc happened in my childhood

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me, looking at my messed up mind which has been this way for way too long:😂😂😂who did this???😂😂😂

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I hope all religious LGBT+ folk have a good day and remember that their relationship with their deity/deities is their own and not open to interpretation from intolerant people.

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waterfalls hottest new trend: dress up games